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Newton Shoes, Great…IF You’re In Shape

posted by Brandon
Newton Shoes, Great…IF You’re In Shape

Are you in the market for a new pair of running shoes? Do you want to run with the Kenyans on race day?  There is some good news and some bad news.

Highlights (the good news)

Newton Running shoes offer a smooth and quick ride.  For those of you who are fit and slender, run to your local running store or go online and get yourself a pair of Newton Running shoes…NOW!  These shoes offer plenty of cushioning, a wide toe-box, and a mesh upper for great ventilation.  The shoes look slick and will certainly turn some heads as you fly by your competitors with your gorgeous forward lean.  It should also be noted that Newton Running is an eco-friendly company founded by runners

Feedback (the bad news)

If you desire to run with a forefoot/midfoot strike while maintaining a quick cadence and a slight forward lean, you may have to be in phenomenal shape (like the Kenyans) to do so.  Similarly, barefoot running is great if you have grown up in Kenya at 10,000 feet, without shoes, and have less body fat than the guy who lives next door that exercises 16 hours a day.  Most of us have muscle imbalances, love handles, and collapsed arches, therefore, these issues must be resolved before purchasing your first pair of ‘minimalist’ shoes.  If you choose to ignore my advice, the ‘lugs’ on the forefoot of the shoe are designed to provide the means to that optimal foot strike, nevertheless, these lugs can take a lengthy amount of time to get used to.  Prepare for your calfs to be a tad tender.

Price: $135.00-$185.00

Newton Shoes founder, Danny Abshire, demonstrates proper points and form of the forefoot running.

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  1. odyason says:

    I’ve been fighting with myself over whether or not to invest in these. I’m thinking I should wait given that I’m moderately new to the world of running (about 2 years).

    I know I want a pair that I can simply race in (and train on sunny, non-rainy clean days!) but I’m so conflicted as to what to get. I’ve tried many on, they all feel fine. Just scared to pull the trigger, I’m thinking!

    So they probably won’t be the Newtons just yet. Have you seen the new Adidas Climacool Ride? Any thoughts on those?

  2. Florian says:

    I have been running in the GT2140 for 2 years now and I just boghut a of the GT2150. They feel great but I have noticed my left knee is hurting after 10+ miles. The fit is a little different, it is a little tighter and the arch is a little higher

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