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Moksha Yoga London [VIDEO]

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Moksha Yoga London [VIDEO]

We spent the morning with Rob Thomaes who is the co-owner of Moksha Yoga London and regular contributor for Rob gives us some insight into the endless reasons runners should be doing yoga. The reasons range from decreased recovery time and few injuries to increased strength, balance, and flexibility. 

Moksha Yoga is a series of 40 postures designed to open the body and takes place in a hot room that ranges from 100-105 degrees. Furthermore, Rob mentions that there are specific classes that may be more beneficial for endurance athletes. Classes such as Yin offer an “invigorating workout – followed by restorative, relaxing Yin postures. Great for obtaining deep openings in the muscles, fascia, and connective tissues”. The Power Fusion class might be right up our alley as well as this is for more A-type personalities looking for a more intense workout.

Rob is a runner himself and has increased his flexibility via Moksha Yoga, perhaps you can as well.

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