Meghan Canfield Arbogast Refuses To Let Age Define Her Or Her Goals

Meghan Canfield Arbogast is a licensed massage therapist, widow, and a woman who refuses to let age define her or her goals. Read on to learn what she will eat the night before the trials and who will be on site to support her.

Runners Feed: Take us through a typical day of your life

MCA: Get up between 7am and 9 am, depending on how late I was up the night before…. sometimes don’t get to bed until 11. Once up, it’s coffee, email, Facebook. The rest of the day consists of 8-12 miles of running and giving massage. I work from my home so have lots of flexibility. I’m an empty nester and widowed. I tend to eat lightly during the day. I like pastries, eggs, bacon, and sausage, fruit. For dinner I usually eat whole foods – sweet potatoes, greens, beets, a slab of meat, nuts. Red wine and/or beer.

RF: Who or what has been your biggest motivator since qualifying for the trials?

MCA: I motivate myself by looking at the general population that doesn’t take care of itself and succumbs to the number associated with their age. I refuse to go there without lots of kicking and screaming.

Rapid Fire

RF: What will you eat the night before?

MCA: White rice and eggs or fish, and some Sunsweet Prunes to get things moving first thing in the morning.

RF: My onsite support team will include…

MCA: My best training partner/friend – Craig Thornley, and my best friend/pacer – Theresa Ridgway, my coach Bob Latham (to the extent he isn’t being all official with USATF duties), and friend Aliza Lapierre.

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