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Meghan Armstrong Peyton Hopes To Beat The Traffic

posted by Brandon
Meghan Armstrong Peyton Hopes To Beat The Traffic

Megan Armstrong Peyton is hoping that her initials (MAP) will guide her on to the fast track to London along with her training, of course.  In the mean time, Peyton maintains her focus and keeps busy working 3 part-time jobs.  Although she often gets stuck in traffic on her daily drive home, she is planning on beating it on January 14th.

Runners Feed: Take us through a typical day of your life 

Meghan Armstrong: A typical day for me is pretty busy. I usually get up between 6:30-7:00am, eat a small breakfast and coffee and head out the door for my first run/workout of the day. Once my morning training is over I head to one of my three part time jobs. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays I work at Banfield the Pet Hospital (which some of you may be familiar with as your local vet, located in most PetsMarts) from 9-2pm. If I am not working at Banfield, I am at home working for the small business that my husband and I own – Meister MMA. At some point during this time I will eat lunch, typically a sandwich or soup. After I have completed my work for the day I head out for my second run of the day before going to my third job as the assistant Cross Country and Track coach at Augsburg College. Augsburg’s practice time is from 3:45-5:30pm, so I get done just in time to hit rush-hour traffic on my way home. Once I get home, I take a shower, cook dinner and relax for a little bit with my husband Cole. Usually at around 7pm I will start making recruiting phone calls and writing personal/ business emails. If I am lucky and it isn’t one of the nights that I need to do recruiting then I will hang out with Cole playing Halo, watching House, or reading. By 10pm I am typically in bed, where I will read for 10-15 minutes before I can’t keep my eyes open any longer and go to sleep. Rinse and repeat! 🙂

RF: Do you work full or part-time while training? If so, what do you do? If not, what has kept you afloat while you pursue your dream? 

MA: As well as working three part-time jobs I also get lots of support from Team USA Minnesota, the Road Runners Club of America, the Minnesota Distance Running Association, and Mizuno. All of these people and organizations make it possible for me to pursue my running dreams.

RF: What do you do on a regular basis to make sure you toe the line healthy?

MA: In addition to eating and sleeping well, I get massage once a week from either Gregg Sivesind at Fit Studious in Eden Prairie, Minnesota or at the Life Time Fitness Spa and Salon. If I need chiropractic services I head on over to Lyn Lake Chiropractic in Uptown Minneapolis!

Rapid Fire

RF: My onsite support team will include…

MA: My husband Cole, parents Danny and Diana Armstrong, Coach Dennis Barker, other team members who are also competing in the Olympic Trials Marathon or the Half-Marathon on Sunday, members of the Team USA Minnesota board of directors, fellow athletes from Mizuno and hopefully some fans that will be cheering loudly as I complete each loop of the marathon course!

RF: How will you be decorating your bottles to make them easily recognizable?

MA: I am currently planning on decorating my bottles in bright colors with the word MAP and an arrow pointing to London. Why MAP, because those are my initials Meghan Armstrong Peyton and I think it goes well with my theme of traversing the globe to make it to London!

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