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Mallory Gilbert’s Breakfast Bars for Athletes

posted by Chantelle
Mallory Gilbert’s Breakfast Bars for Athletes

Former University of Hawaii high jumper, Mallory Gilbert, has recently tried her luck at a new event—the pole vault.  With a background in gymnastics, cheerleading, and jumping very high, she has indirectly been preparing to soar as a pole-vaulter her entire athletic life.  To supplement the vigorous training that is required for Mallory to reach her goal of becoming a USA professional track and field athlete, she fuels herself with a recipe passed down from her super supportive mother.  According to Gilbert, “these breakfast bars have been a hit with everyone who has tried them; and are guaranteed to provide you with the necessary sustained energy to start attacking your goals bright and early each morning!”  Follow Mallory’s journey by visiting her blog!

Mallory Gilbert in Arches National Park in Utah.

To view the ingredients, nutrition facts, and directions, click here.

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