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lululemon SeaWheeze Half Marathon

posted by Brandon
lululemon SeaWheeze Half Marathon

After a brief chat with the SeaWheeze Half Marathon Race Director Allison Forsyth it was evident that lululemon athletica is going big in order to host a world class running event. Forsyth knows a thing or two about being world class having won a bronze medal at the world championships in the giant slalom. If that is your favourite discipline, you also know a thing or two about reacting quickly and going big! These are important characteristics for any race director.

Forsyth assured me that this race is more than just a race. The SeaWheeze weekend will be an extravaganza, the likes of which the racing scene has not witnessed. After taking part in the hoopla that was the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, lululemon was captivated by the energy in the city and the impact it had on those who dwell in the Greater Vancouver Area. lululemon and the SeaWheeze team aim to recreate that same energy and play host to a celebratory weekend filled with several events.

Top 5 Reasons to run SeaWheeze

1. EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT – Participants will receive the ‘Light As Air Short‘ or the ‘Speed Short‘, because lets be honest, who needs another race t-shirt!? Furthermore there will be an exclusive collection for sale with the SeaWheeze logo at the one of a kind expo.

2.  The expo will feature LOCAL businesses.

3. CHEER STATION – by now you have probably witnessed a lululemon cheer station. This cheer station may cause you to run along side the leader of the race. Be cautious not to be over-inspired.

4.  Training Program – several lululemon stores will be hosting a FREE training program leading up the SeaWheeze. Furthermore, lululemon team members will help you with your vision and goals by offering FREE goal coaching sessions.

5. BREATHTAKING SCENERY – If you are going to be running for well over an hour, you might as well enjoy the route.

More Fun Stuff To Do In Vancouver

If that isn’t enough, lululemon will be announcing the band set to play at the post race party. You will be impressed.

Important Event Information

Date: Saturday, August 11th, 2012
Start Location: Vancouver Convention Centre
Start Time: 7:37 am sharp
Finish Location: Vancouver Convention Centre (what can we say, we love this place!)
Entry Fee: $128 CAD, taxes included


Register before May 1st, 2012 to receive your shorts 


About the Author:  Brandon Laan is a runner, coach, and entrepreneur.  He spent his undergraduate days at The University of Western Ontario where he captained the Cross Country Team before fleeing to Hawaii Pacific University for graduate school. He is a Level II Certified USATF coach and holds personal bests of 1:06 and 2:21 in the Half Marathon and Marathon respectively. He also enjoys running to eat, not eating to run…and always will.

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  1. SeaWheeze Runner says:

    What a colossal failure of an event. First, those much lauded shorts – only went up to size 10 and were totally inappropriate for anyone much bigger than a size 4. (White with a 2″ inseam? Really? Apparently Lulu is staffed only by tan, stick-legged individuals who’s thighs don’t touch.) Then, in response to complaints, they did 2 things: 1) offered a 15% discount at the Expo and 2) said “hey, race is gonna be awesome”.
    Well – guess what – Expo? Not so awesome. After standing in line for over an hour to get into the store area, I realize that, again, they’ve failed to take into account that some of the participants might be bigger than a toothpick. There wasn’t much selection, there sure weren’t any of the adorable stripped tanks they advertised, and NOTHING said “SeaWheeze” on it. The checkout line was so long, too, that I left without buying. Find out later that the reason the selection sucked was because they let in the public; which included vultures buying out the place to list on eBay.
    The other activities offered were good, I suppose, but since the waits were so long to participate, I wasn’t able to do much else.
    The actual race itself was ok. The course was nice, the start well organized and the aid stations stocked. Except for cups, at which point they started handing out liter bottles. So the choice was to share with a fellow runner, or waste almost an entire bottle. Not very green.
    After the race, they served their much lauded brunch – but only if you finished in 2:15 or less. People finishing around 2:30 and on pretty much were out of luck – they ran out of food. You know how many people are coming, yet you can’t plan for a racer’s only food area? Really??? And then when my friend asked about the availability of more, she was told she could go buy some. Um, with what money? I don’t run with cash in my sock!! Poor planning again, Lulu.
    In my opinion, the only thing that could redeem this disaster at this point would be to offer (even for purchase) a SeaWheeze item of apparel (something you’re willing to make in ALL sizes, and that actually says “SeaWheeze” on it. Maybe fans of the brand will be back next year, but I think their clothes are over-rated and over-priced. This race was exactly the same. Seriously, don’t even consider running if you’re not a size 2 and run a sub-9:00 mile. Because their treatment of larger, slower runners clearly shows that Lululemon is not interested in serving this demographic. Honestly, spend your money to travel to the Nike Women’s Marathon or the Girlfriend’s Marathon, where people get what they are told they’re gonna get, and all shapes and sizes are celebrated. BIG FAIL LULULEMON!!!!

  2. Diane says:

    I would like to echo the comments above, this race was a huge disappointment.
    1) The course may have been beautiful but with 7000+ runners was not safe. Running on a meter wide footpath is fine for training, but not for a race.
    2) The shorts are redic, I would have much preferred a cheesy tech t-shirt or at the very least something that noted the athletic achievement of running a half.
    3) I am a sub 9 minute/mile runner, and I was looking forward to breaking my PR. While I may have had an average pace of 8:24, my chip didn’t work and I suspect I’m not alone.
    4) All participant race information was stolen! That is not acceptable!!!

    Overall this race was a branding exercise and an opportunity for lulu to sell overpriced merchandise. It was not geared to serious runners and I don’t believe the athlete factored into the equation. I do not recommend this race and have no intention of supporting lulu in the future.

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