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lululemon Run Response Short

posted by Brandon
lululemon Run Response Short

The lululemon Run Response Short is a phenomenal all purpose short for any activity. The Run Response Short is made of a lightweight (4-way stretch) fabric, and is lined with a coolmax boxer brief that mirrors the famous lululemon Game on Boxer Briefs.

The luluelmon Game on Boxer Briefs have become notorious for their comfort, moisture-wicking properties, and a fit that keeps everything place.  The same holds true for this short.  The outer layer of the short allows room to lunge, squat, and stride out at full speed.  For the dudes who don’t like their shorts fitting too tight, you are going to want a pair of these.

Top 3 Features

1.Zippered pocket on the left thigh
2. Two pockets at the waist
3. Flat seems throughout the garment

Feedback: If you are more of a minimalist when it comes to your running and racing attire, the run response short by lululemon might be too much short for you. If you like to show off your quads, I would suggest lululemon’s Endorphine Short.

Price: $64.00

lululemon usually carries this short all year round in a variety of colours.

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About the Author: Brandon Laan is a runner, coach, and entrepreneur. He spent his undergraduate days at The University of Western Ontario where he captained the Cross Country Team before fleeing to Hawaii Pacific University for graduate school. He is a Level II Certified USATF coach and holds personal bests of 1:06 and 2:21 in the Half Marathon and Marathon respectively. He also enjoys running to eat, not eating to run…and always will.

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