Live From the Middle of the Pack – Awkward Running Moments

Awkward moments.  We’ve all been witness to them, and we’ve all definitely experienced them. 


Your friend – RIP Coco, you will be sorely missed!

You – Aww, your doggie? Sorry to hear!

Your friend – No, my uncle…

In person…

Leafing through a pamphlet in a store.

You: “They couldn’t have chosen a better looking model for the front cover?”

Store Owner: “That’s my wife.”

Do these types of situations sound familiar to any of you?  If you’re like me, these are daily occurrences.  When it comes to a sport like running however, these moments seem to triple.  During those hot summer days, we strip down to our skivvies, our hair becoming suitable for a bird to nest in, emitting an…”interesting” aroma, and displaying salt stains on our faces and neck.  When nature calls during a run, I am often praying to the road gods to produce me a public restroom.  When they fail to acknowledge my request, that’s when I become Dog the Dark & Discreet Corner of the Woods Hunter!  Reid Coolsaet managed to made it look easy during the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon.

While there’s not much glitz or glamour in hitting the roads or the trails for a session of intervals, repeats, long runs, fartleks, strides, or even easy runs, I think one has to accept a certain level of awkwardness that comes with the sport.  It’s what makes it unique, especially the fact that you can do it virtually anywhere.

So next time you’re walking through the lobby of your building or in line at Starbucks sporting your Speed Shorts with a 5-bottle Fuel Belt and people are giving you the once-over, just act like they’re the awkward ones for not being out there with you!  Especially since you’re still out there running while pregnant!  Oh, you’re not?

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About the Author:  Olivier Dyason is a full time working professional whose newfound love for running has turned into a new obsession.  After obtaining a B.A. in Film Studies from Carleton University in Ottawa, Olivier began work at the National Film Board of Canada as a Team Leader and Events Coordinator.  Although a middle-of-the-packer now, Olivier hopes to steadily improve his running through constant training and advice from places such as Runners Feed.

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