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Light as Air Short

posted by Brandon
Light as Air Short

Ok y’all, I believe lululemon athletica has figured it out. The Light as Air Short is borderline flawless. I took them for a spin yesterday afternoon and compared to the Run Response Short and the Endorphin Short, there is no comparison. 

Don’t get me wrong, the Run Response Short has its place and is more suitable for those unwilling to show a little leg, and the Endorphin Short was a great attempt at a short-short. The Light as Air Short is UNBELIEVABLY light and breathable. The waistband is more narrow, the pockets are slick, and the cool max brief keeps your jewels secure and dry. If we did thumbs up around here, I would give ’em TWO thumbs up!


As someone looking for a racing short, they are a tad on the long side. Lastly, I’m not totally convinced that pockets are essential to running shorts. Nevertheless, I will be putting these shorts to good use this weekend and throughout the spring and summer!

Price: $64.00

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