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Lateral Leg Raises

posted by Brandon
Lateral Leg Raises

The Lateral Leg raise is a Pilates movement that much like the clams and fire hydrants, engages the glute muscles. This exercise is great if coupled with the kick backs as it addresses the lateral range of motion, opening up the adductors while engaging the glute muscles.

Preparation: Lay on your right side with your legs extended out and stacked one atop the other.  Head can be supported with right hand.

Execution: Engage your left glute muscles and slowly lift up your leg keeping your foot in a neutral position.  Knee should remain locked.  Repeat 5-8x on each side.

Variations for All: To help strengthen various parts of the hip complex repeat this exercise with your toes pointed upwards and then with your toes pointed downwards.  Runners Feed recommends doing 5 repetitions in each of the three ways on each side.

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  2. Suhana says:

    January 5, 2013 Banded box squats 110 lbs and pplrue band (working on my poor speed and technique)Good mornings with 85 lbsGlute ham raise with 35 lbs (totally used lower back on this oops)Box jump used box made of stacked boardsLittle leaguers more breaks than prescribedRed band for good morningsWeighted toe touchers with 14 lb medicine ball 5 12

  3. Santo says:

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