Kristen Carter Works Hard and Plays Hard

Kristen Carter works for Brooks Running, is a self-proclaimed running addict, and an Olympic Trials qualifier. She shares how she makes training happen despite a hectic schedule, why she loves working for Brooks, and what shoes she will be wearing on race day. We recommend that you check out the Brooks Run Happy Blog and Kristen’s latest blog post.

Runners Feed: Take us through a typical day of your life 

Kristen Carter: I have run competitively for over a decade and training has become a built-in part of my day. I ran through high-school, through college and then through grad school (my coach at Ohio State University was kind enough to continue training me while I was obtaining my master’s degree). I don’t have the time to run whenever I want, but I find the time to make my training happen–regardless of if I have to get up at 6am or drop a workout at 8pm. However, I will say that I am not afraid to miss a day or two in order to spend time with my family. As for nutrition, I try to eat healthy but I don’t obsess over it. I love chocolate. 

RF: Do you work full or part-time while training? If so, what do you do? If not, what has kept you afloat while you pursue your dream?

KC: I work full-time, however, I am lucky enough to work for Brooks Running–I work in the social media department and write most of the blog posts on the Brooks Run Happy Blog. Brooks is an incredible employer! They support my dreams and encourage an active lifestyle. As long as your work gets done you are encouraged to be fit and active–even if that means going for a run during the work day. We work hard and play hard at Brooks.

RF: Who introduced you to the sport of running? And what about running do you think has kept you coming back for more?

KC: I decided to try cross-country when I did not make the varsity soccer team in high school. I’ve been hooked ever sense! I am completely addicted. Many of my friends believe that I run because I like to win, however, while I love to compete I truly just love to run!

Rapid Fire

RF: Preferred shoes?

KC: For racing full marathons= Brooks Racer ST (I am injury prone–I’ve had over 7 stress fractures!–but I can race a full marathon in these with no problems!). For half marathons= Brooks T7s. For training= I rotate between the Brooks Trance and the Brooks Adrenaline GTS.

RF: Sock or no socks?

KC: Unless I’m racing something shorter than a 5k I always wear socks.

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