Keep Motivation Up, As Temperatures Go Down

Keep your motivation up when the temperature goes down.  We’ve all heard the complaint and maybe even used it ourselves from time to time; “There is just not enough time in the day to go for a run,” or “It gets dark so early now and I don’t like running in the dark.” O.K. when I said “complaint” what I really meant to say was “excuse” because that is exactly what that is.

I will admit that it is tough to stay motivated when the snow starts to fall and the temperatures plummet but this year will be different! This year you will have a plan and stick to it and literally hit the spring season running while being stronger and smarter then ever!

Some easy ways to stay focused this winter are to plan out your week/ monthly schedule in advance. If you are not a part of a training group that does this for you, make sure you are at least doing it for yourself. Plan out the day and exact time you will do your long runs, recovery runs and speed workouts. This way you will be more likely to stick with them.

Make each run count. By that I mean running with a purpose. I will be the first to admit to running without a purpose on occasion and sometimes that is all you need to clear your head. But for the other 99% of the time you need a plan. If you have a plan before you lace up, you will be maximizing your time out there. Especially as the days continue to get shorter, darker and colder, efficiency is key to making the most out of your time spent in the cold. This way you have a goal that you need to accomplish which will help you to reach for your thermal tights instead of the snooze button!

Get a partner in crime. You are never alone; there is always someone you know who will be willing to be your running partner and if you cannot think of anyone, you might want to consider expanding your circle of friends! Challenge a friend or family member to compete in a spring race with you to keep you both on track and accountable!

5 Tips for Creating Your Own Training Group

Be smart. Watch the weather stations carefully before heading out. When temperatures get too cold, find an indoor track or a treadmill to do your work out instead of battling the elements.

No matter what your strategy is remember to always dress appropriately and stay safe out there!

2 thoughts on “Keep Motivation Up, As Temperatures Go Down”

  1. I think you have some good points to stay motivated during the colder months, however I do most of my runs alone since I’m at a different level than most of my friends, so I rather go out for a run at my pace than a slower pace. Expanding your circle of friends in the running community especially when you have worked up to a certain level is easier said than done.

  2. Hey Kyle,

    I agree. That being said, I spent the weekend with Greg Meyer and he was adament about having a coach and a group to workout with. If the guys are slower than you in your area, he suggested having them lead the first part of your intervals or tempos. I was also chatting with Farley Simon about his training. He mentioned that his wife joined him on the bike for Long Runs. Lastly, I met a dude in my community to who is in a wheelchair. He zips along at 5 minute miles, no problem. We get out once or twice a week…

    I hope those options help a bit…

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