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Jeannette Faber’s Competitive Spirit Might Give Her The Edge That She Needs

posted by Brandon
Jeannette Faber’s Competitive Spirit Might Give Her The Edge That She Needs

Jeannette Faber harnesses the competitive spirit that she hopes will give her an edge during the second half of the race on January the 14th.  Through the support of her coaches, teammates, family, husband, and sponsors, Faber has made drastic improvements over the years, decreasing her marathon time from 2:54 to her current PB of 2:36!  Read more to see how she did it.

Runners Feed: Take us through a typical day of your life

Jeannette Faber: There isn’t a real set schedule to my life right now and I’m very fortunate to have quite a bit of flexibility for my training. Some days I get up at 6am and hit the gym or get in a morning run. Other days I’ll sleep in with my husband, enjoy a cup of coffee, and get out the door for my first run around 10 or 11am. The afternoons usually involve walking my dogs, volunteering with a local organization, or working on random photo projects. In the late afternoon or early evening I’ll get my second run or cross training session in and then in the evenings I enjoy relaxing with my husband and our mutts. Most days I crash out by 10pm, as I’m a big fan of sleeping, but other nights my husband will drag me out to a local pub and we’ll be up late. Portland is a runner’s paradise with the incredible trail system, however it can also be difficult to train here with all the amazing breweries and restaurants. It’s a pretty good life but I know this won’t last forever.

RF: Do you work full or part-time while training? If so, what do you do? If not, what has kept you afloat while you pursue your dream? 

JF: I worked full time up until June of this past year. At that point my husband and I were moving across the country from Boston, MA to Portland, OR and we decided that this would be the perfect time for me to take a shot at training full time. While I still make a bit of money out on the roads or in freelance photography gigs, I had enough saved up to last for a while as I pursue my running related dreams. My husband is extremely supportive with what I am doing and he’s out there with me often, whether we are enjoying an easy run or he’s handing me water bottles during a workout. In addition, I have been extremely fortunate to be a part of the Boston Athletic Association for the past three years.  With guidance from the coaches, my incredible teammates as training partners, travel assistance, and Adidas gear, they have really guided me from being a 2:54 marathoner to my recent PR of 2:36.

RF: When the going gets tough on the 14th what will keep you gunning for the finish line?

JF: I am extremely excited to race against the best American womens marathon field that we’ve ever seen. I love the competitive atmosphere and I really hope to use that to my advantage over the second half of the race. In addition, my husband, coach, former high school coach, teammates, sisters, and best friends are all traveling to Houston to watch the race. It will be amazing to have them spread out over the course and keeping me focused on the finish line.

RF: What will you eat the night before?

JF: Pasta or pizza, which ever sound good, and then a big chocolate chip cookie.

RF: Race day shoes?

JF: Adizero Adios

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