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Is Your GPS Telling You The Truth?

posted by Brandon
Is Your GPS Telling You The Truth?

It was not long ago that we released an article on the Negative Impacts of Running Gadgets. The New York Times released an article today stating that your GPS Watch Can Be An Unreliable Running Partner. Runners Feed Ltd owns and operates the Rock The Road 10K in London, Ontario, Canada and we received a few emails following our innagural race explaining that the course was inaccurate according to their GPS watch. In short, I explained that the course was accurate and their GPS watch was not. Apparently, we are not the only race organizers who receive these emails.

Gina Kolata, a writer for The New York Times asked Corey Cornaccio, director of marketing at Polar, “What’s wrong with those GPS devices” to which Cornaccio explained, “The problem, say their makers, is that people expect too much. The watches are very much a work in progress. “We all use pretty much the same technology…The technology is improving, but some inaccuracy remains. People don’t understand that.”

Take a few minutes to read The New York Times article before spending your money on another gadget. Forget what your watch says, and run by feel. Spend the money you would have spent on the gadget and invest in a coach to learn proper form, how certain workouts or programs may make you faster, or which core exercise will get you to the start line feeling strong!

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