Interview With The Midnite Run Toronto Race Director

The Midnite Run Toronto is a new (5km race) event that promises to be a true FUN RUN! The inaugural race is set to take place on New Year’s Eve 2011, and along the course runners will be able to take in spectacular views of the Toronto Skyline and a fireworks display.  If you think that is grand, runners and friends are invited to an after party. Yes, I said after party. I believe this is our (runners) version of tailgating. I had the pleasure of chatting with Peter Donato, who is the race director and the man responsible for creating this event.

Below are 7 answers that will make you want to add ONE MORE RACE to your 2011 race calendar. Donato is passionate, enthusiastic, and ready to add an event to the yearly racing calendar that stands alone. He shares information about the Beer Store packet pick-up, perhaps the best swag bag ever, and how this race will aid a local charity.

1) Whose idea was it to host a new years eve run?
It was my idea from start to finish but the credit goes to the New York Roadrunners who have been doing this in Central Park for 31 years!

2) Will this be an annual event?
Yes, this is the first event and not only annual but other cities will be added like Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, etc.

3) Will Reid Coolsaet be running all out?
Yes, Reid wants to win and he’s in the middle of training so despite a ten mile run that morning he plans on running 3-minute kilometres (pace)

4) Do you know of any other races that have used The Beer Store as their packet pick-up?
We are establishing many firsts in our Industry, in Canada and maybe North America…..definitely the first ever large-scale Midnite NY Eve Run, first ever packet pick up at a licenced facility, and first ever run that allows runners to “run” over to the venue, shower up, and party!

5) What can people expect to find in their swag bag?
We are still receiving items, Clif Bars (3 items), Red Bull (2 items), Hat and Gloves, full size bag of Werther’s Chocolate, $20 sunglasses, Pop Chips….on and on.  It may become the best swag bag ever when we’re finished!  Oh, and the first 250 registered get a $24 bottle of exclusive Italian Proseco, not available in stores….

6) Can you tell us a little bit about the charity you are working with?
The Fort York Food Bank used to be in the community and were pushed out by developers, they are an off-shoot of the large and well known Daily Bread Food Bank.  It is an extremely well-run organization with an amazing Board of Directors and Army of volunteers. We hope runners dig deep and bring as many food items as they can.

7) It sounds like the entire event will be entertaining…what 3 things are you most excited for people to experience?
Fun, Fun and more Fun.  The running industry needs more events like these, less about the P.B. and how fast you run versus celebrating the sport of running, comraderie, dressing up in costumes, etc.

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