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Interview with Taylor Milne of Speed River

posted by Brett
Interview with Taylor Milne of Speed River

The men’s 1500m is arguably one of the toughest events to consistently medal and finish high. There are countless athletes across a plethora of countries competing at a high level in the 1500 meters. The margin for error is extremely narrow and one false move can sabotage a great effort. Canada’s Taylor Milne knows this all too well. This past weekend Taylor went after the Canadian A Standard of 3:35:50 at the Payton Jordan Invitational from Stanford University but fell short running 3:38.07 in an extremely competitive field. Runner’s Feed asked Taylor a few questions prior to the event. We wish Taylor the best of luck as he chases this standard over the next couple of months.

Runner’s Feed: What will be your game plan going into Payton Jordan?

Taylor Milne: Follow behind the rabbit and figure it out once he’s gone. If I have to go for it on my own I will. But I hope there is a group working for it.

RF: Any guys in the field you’ll be looking to pace yourself with?

TM: Looks like Jamal Aarrass from MT Sac will be in there, so if he employs the same race tactic that would be great. Just make sure I’m in a little closer contact when things get rolling. I think Andy Baddely is looking for a quick one as well.

RF: 3:35.50 is the Canadian A Standard. Your PR is 3:36.00. Is reaching the standard your goal for this weekend?

TM: 100% it is the only goal of the weekend.

Photo Credit: Claus Andersen


RF: Speed River is sending a number of athletes to Payton Jordan. What’s the strength of the club like at the moment?

TM: We are really rolling as a group. The energy is high and as a whole we want to do special things this year and we are looking to get it all started this weekend (marathoners aside, they have already taken care of business)

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RF: Having participated in Beijing, does that experience increase your confidence in trying to make another Olympic team?

TM: I have to PB to qualify this year. I am happy to have made Beijing but I want to return to the Olympics and have a much better showing for myself. I do gain confidence knowing that in 2008 I was given a good race opportunity to hit the standard and I took advantage of it. So if the opportunity comes again I know I will be ready for it

RF: The 1500m is a distance where a number of different countries could potentially medal. What’s it like to compete in a race with so much parody across the World.

TM: It’s Great. You know if you can get in that final anything can happen.

RF: If you can achieve the standard this weekend, what will be your plan going forward heading into London?

TM: I have a race lined up in Jamaica the following weekend and if I can have a standard in my pocket after that I will go back and put in a training block and work on some 800m speed and get ready for nationals and beyond.

RF: Take us through how you prepare on race day.

TM: Honestly I do a whole lot of nothing. I think about my racing a lot while training but the day of the race I try not to flip into game mode until about an hour and a half before race time. At that time I will think and visualize about the race for about half an hour and then it’s into warm up jog and drills. I try to keep if fairly loose until then.

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About the Author: Brett Bonisteel resides in Ottawa, Canada and trains with the Ottawa Lions Track and Field Club. Brett is a passionate fan of the sport of distance running and enjoys writing about the sport’s elites. He comes from a family of distance athletes and when they aren’t competing out on the roads, winning a fierce game of Jeopardy holds equal bragging rights.

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