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Interview with Barry Britt, Runner Up at the 2011 Canadian National XC Championships

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Interview with Barry Britt, Runner Up at the 2011 Canadian National XC Championships

We had the opportunity to chat with runner up at The 2011 Canadian Cross Country Championships, and University of Idaho Senior athlete, Barry Britt.  The Hampton, New Brunswick native takes us through Saturday’s race and shares his secret to success.  Britt represented Canada last spring at the 2011 IAAF World Cross Country Championships and plans to don the red and white singlet this spring at the 2012 NACAC Cross Country Championships if given the opportunity.

1) At what point did you know you were going to get a medal?

I knew heading into the last lap of the race I was going to medal. I was feeling strong and I was starting to seperate from 3rd and 4th place. With about a km to go I had maybe 5 or 6 seconds on 3rd place but then I actually fell and 3rd place caught up to me and we battled until the end and eventually I got 2nd. I am really excited to get my first senior medal.

Barry Britt

photo credit: Noel Chenier

2) Were you pleased with how the race unfolded?

I was very pleased with how the race unfolded. My last few races did not go the way I wanted and I was looking to end the season on a positive note. Me and my coach knew if I ran the way I could then I would be able to medal.

3) Do you have some downtime scheduled in the near future?

I have a week of no running scheduled for this coming week and I am looking forward to it. I think downtime after each season is an essential part to any runners season. It lets you recharge mentally and physically and gets you ready for the next season. On my downtime I will eat junk food and fast food that I will not normally eat during the season.

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4) Is there one thing you would attribute your success to?

There are a few things that I would attribute my success to. One of the things is my ability to stay injury free and get in good blocks of consistent trainning which helps me make steady improvements each year. The other would be a good training plan set up by my coach Wayne Phipps of The University of Idaho. He always has me prepared to run well at Championship meets.

5) Will you be representing Canada at The NACAC Championships in March?

I filled out the papers and declared for the NACAC team so if Canada sends a senior men’s team I will be going to Trinidad. I really hope that they send a senior men’s team. I have had the chance to be on Canada’s cross country team before and it was a great experience and whenever I have the chance to represent Canada I will.

Rapid Fire Questions:

1) Smoothie or Frozen Yogurt? Smoothie

2) Did you celebrate Canadian and American Thanksgiving? I had the chance to celebrate both!

3) I never travel to a race without my team sweat suit.

4) Miracle on 34th Street of Elf?  Elf

5) All I want for Christmas is to be home in Canada

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About the Author: Brandon Laan is a runner, coach, and entrepreneur. He spent his undergraduate days at The University of Western Ontario where he captained the Cross Country Team before fleeing to Hawaii Pacific University for graduate school. He is a Level II Certified USATF coach and holds personal bests of 1:06 and 2:21 in the Half Marathon and Marathon respectively. He also enjoys running to eat, not eating to run…and always will.

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