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His Name is Dad

posted by Brandon
His Name is Dad

Once upon a time there was a man who lived a relatively peaceful existence. Sure, he rushed his children from 6:00am hockey practice to school, worked a full day, then helped get a dinner ready that could be eaten on the way to the 7pm basketball game, but that never phased him. His Name is Dad.

Then his children took up distance running…

He now understands the ‘Runners High’ but knows the ‘Runners Low’ more intimately. There are very few runners that cross the finish line satisfied, and even fewer that are ecstatic about their performance. Someone is usually left to pick up the pieces. His Name is Dad.

His Name is Dad. His nickname is Mr. Reliable.

When you need someone to bike beside you while you run in the morning, or someone to take you shoe shopping (with their money), or someone to have breakfast ready when you return from your long run, you can always count on Mr. Reliable.

This same man never received a manual for this profession. Nor did he realize that his job description included being a training partner, coach, friend, fan, and psychologist. Nevertheless, his lesson plan is sound.

Brandon Laan with Team Hoyt

Top 5 Running Lessons From Dad

5) Run to inspire
4) If you get on the start line, GO ALL OUT!
3) Keep running in perspective.
2) It is much cooler to play a sport than to watch it on T.V.
1) Have Faith

Running is a sport that requires constant encouragement, patience, and an unwavering support system. You will want someone to manage this support team. His Name is Dad.

Lastly, a Father’s Day article wouldn’t be complete without sharing the story of Dick and Rick Hoyt, otherwise known as Team Hoyt. I had the pleasure of meeting Dick and Rick in Boston a year ago. Check out the video below if you are unfamiliar with the story.

Happy Fathers Day from all of us at Runners Feed.

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  1. Dr. Greg says:

    Great article and team Hoyt is a tremendous example of love and dedication and the mutual benefit for the Hoyts; as well as the inspiration they have generated for so many others.

    Dr. Greg

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