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Hip Strengthening Routine

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Hip Strengthening Routine

Our core (AKA: lumbo-pelvic hip complex) is home to our center of gravity and therefore plays a major role in the neuromuscular efficiency of the entire kinetic chain.

Who: all athletes
following a cardio session or light warm-up
yoga mat or soft surface

Remove shoes if possible

This routine uses the following training exercises:
Clams, Lateral Leg Raises, Kick Backs, Fire Hydrants


Keeping the insides of the feet touching at all times, slowly open up your legs by engaging the glute of the upper leg. Lower down slowly until knees meet. Repeat 10-12x on each side. Clams in detail.

Lateral Leg Raises

Engage your left glute muscles and slowly lift up your leg keeping your foot in a neutral position. Knee should remain locked. Repeat 5-8x on each side. Lateral Leg Raises in detail.

Kick Backs a.k.a. Jane Fondas

Engage your lower back, abdominal muscles and glutes to kick back your left leg extending it to 180 degrees. Lower and repeat for 8-10 repetitions. Complete using the other leg. Don’t alternate on this one. Kick Backs in detail.

Fire Hydrants

Keeping your back flat and your knee bent at 90 degrees slowly lift your left leg up and out to the side until it is level with your back. Repeat 5-10x on each side. Fire Hydrants in detail.

* we encourage that you view individual exercise details before performing routine training.

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