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Former Princeton Runners Seek to Transform the Coffee Industry

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Former Princeton Runners Seek to Transform the Coffee Industry

Twin sisters, Catha and Caroline Mullen have always been up for a challenge; especially when it involves academics, running and now business.

Caroline and Catha Mullen

Caroline (L) & Catha (R) Mullen, photo credit:

The Mullen sisters began their running career at Bronxville High School where they excelled winning three national championships and eventually earning themselves spots on the Princeton University cross country and track rosters. After successful undergraduate academic and athletic careers at Princeton, and three year stints on wall street, the Mullen ladies headed west to pursue MBAs at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.  Most Stanford grad students eliminate any extra curricular passions to accommodate the volume of work required of them, but the Mullen’s aren’t most students!  Not only did they immediately join the New Balance Silicon Valley team to purse their running goals, they recently launched a unique coffee selling business called Farm to Cup.

Intrigued and surprised by what they discovered while exploring the coffee industry on a school trip to Guatemala during the winter of 2010, Catha, Caroline and classmate Monica Lewis began brainstorming ways to transform the coffee industry with the goal of supplying higher quality coffee, while offering farmers better than fair trade prices for their beans.   The chart below provides a clear visual of the current pricing disadvantage for farmers.

What Farmers Earn per cup of coffee

Using free-market mechanisms, largely made possible by the internet, Farm to Cup is connecting farmers to consumers, cutting out the middlemen and providing farmers a fair wage for their product.  Now that’s exciting!

Follow Catha and Caroline’s running success with the New Balance Silicon Valley team.


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