Fastest Canadian Female over Half Marathon Distance, 12-month Review of Pidhoresky’s Success

Running 3:25 per kilometer (5:28/mile) for 21K is no easy task, especially with a head-wind to battle.  This is the feat Tecumseh, Ontario native Dayna Pidhoresky accomplished yesterday morning at the 2011 edition of the Niagara International Marathon-Half Marathon running 1:11:45.

The 24-old Canadian has taken several people by surprise over the past 12-months winning multiple titles over varying distances (see chart).  Some have questioned the frequency by which she races; however, based on recent results Pidhoresky and her coach Josh Seifarth know exactly what works best for the young distance runner.

Photo credit: Josh Seifarth

While others jibber-jabber about whether or not Pidhoresky broke Tara Quinn Smith’s Canadian Half Marathon record of 1:12:09 (Montreal, 2009), Runners Feed is taking a look back at Pidhoresky’s last year of accomplishments.  If you understand distance running you will likely be impressed by how consistent and durable this young woman is.

Notable Performances were verified by Coach Josh Seifarth on October 23, 2011


According to Canadian Running Magazine, Athletics Canada is verifying the IAAF’s course guidelines for record-setting performances.  From our understanding, the questionable factor regarding the Niagara Half Marathon course is whether or not the start line and finish were too far apart.

Under section 260.28 (b) of the IAAF Competition Rules it states:

“(b) The start and finish points of a course, measured along a theoretical straight line between them, shall not be further apart than 50% of the race distance.”

Record or no-record, according to Pidhoresky’s Coach, Josh Seifarth, “She is the fastest Canadian female over the half-marathon distance.  I know it, she knows it, and anyone who follows running knows it!”.

Congratulations Dayna!

Check back tomorrow for a Q&A with Pidhoresky’s coach, Josh Seifarth!

About the Author: Chantelle Wilder is the Senior Editor and Co-Founder of Runners Feed. She also competes for the New Balance Silicon Valley club in the Bay Area of California. When she isn’t running, or editing she can be found enjoying the fruitful wines of nearby Napa Valley while challenging her husband to a game of Bananagrams®.

Author: Chantelle

Chantelle is a member of the New Balance Silicon Valley racing team and a proud lululemon athletica run ambassador. Chantelle earned herself a scholarship at The University of Hawaii where she went on to captain the Cross Country and Track & Field Teams. A few months after graduating and getting married to her biggest fan, Chantelle qualified to compete for CANADA at the 2009 World Cross Country Championships. In the spring of 2010 she placed 5th at the Canadian Half Marathon Championships in her debut race at this distance and in the spring of 2011 ran a time of 1:16 at The NYC Half Marathon. She is currently coaching at Santa Clara University in California and preparing for her marathon debut in Chicago.

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  1. Hey Paps, thanks for the comment. That course seems to be ineligible for a different reason… it runs off a cliff. 2000FT + vertical drop… Thank you for comparing apples to oranges though.

  2. Sorry, but I just don’t understand the explanation of the rule. Is this something I should be trying to figure out with Google Maps? I run regularly on the course. It’s point to point, there are a few curves on the roadway, but what is it that is in dispute?
    Can someone please explain.
    And by the way, even if Dayna didn’t set a national record, she did break the course record, 1:12:16, set by Lyubov Denisova. So congratulations for that.

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