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You can blame the Swedes for the name but you would also have to give them credit for one of the best running workouts.  Fartlek translates to ‘speed-play’, and it is as simple as that.  Much like the Tempo Run, Fartlek can be a great way to introduce some quality during any phase, typically in the later stages of the base phase before venturing into more structured workouts such as lactate or speed intervals.

Who: Everyone
When: Any phase
What: Swedish word for ‘speed-play’ and that it is just that.
Where: Soft surfaces
Why: To introduce lactate interval training without a set structure
2-mile warm-up
1 minute, 4 minutes, 2 minutes, 4 minutes, 1 minute, 2 minutes with various rest depending on how you feel…
2-mile cool-down

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    1. Jellela says:

      ARe you on pinterest?!? Saw this on there mtliuple times this week. Doesn’t seem like a website youd join but hey, maybe you are. :)I wonder the quality of the wicking? And do they chafe? We need a product review.

    2. Jailson says:

      with only a 2m break in between each then you praobbly could marathon in 2.01 (although this is all contingent on you doing the training for a marathon at the same time not just practicing the 800s)

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