ENDURrun: It’s the Ultimate Test of Endurance

If you have ever organized or hosted a running event, you may recall what you felt like the day following the event. Now imagine your event spanned over 8 days! The Waterloo Running Series is the ambitious team behind The ‘Tour de France’ of Running. Whether you are a weekend warrior looking for something to hang your hat on or an elite runner looking to get in shape for the fall season, this event is for you!

Lloyd Schmidt and his team take great pride in this event. It goes without saying that this event is gruelling, nevertheless, the great food, scenic routes, and overall atmosphere provide a balance that will enable you to tackle each day with a renewed sense of determination.


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The ENDURrun is the ultimate test of a runner’s endurance; it takes the complete runner to run it well. The runner needs good middle distance speed, needs the stamina for the marathon, needs the strength over hills, and capable of running cross-country well. It is a great marathon training week! If you like to challenge yourself, it is the ultimate challenge, both physically and mentally. But, it is also a lot of fun! I felt like the Lance Armstrong of running wearing the gold jersey, and winning The ENDURrun! – Charles Bedley (2003 & 2004 ENDURrun Champion)

If this is not your cup of tea…volunteer, be inspired, and sign up for next year!


About the Author: Brandon Laan is a runner, coach, and entrepreneur. He spent his undergraduate days at The University of Western Ontario where he captained the Cross Country Team before fleeing to Hawaii Pacific University for graduate school. He is a Level II Certified USATF coach and holds personal bests of 1:06 and 2:21 in the Half Marathon and Marathon respectively. He also enjoys running to eat, not eating to run…and always will.