Embrace Fall Running

Pumpkin pie, Halloween candy, turkey and stuffing…if these alone aren’t enough to get you out the door running, there are plenty of other reasons to embrace fall running. The change of season means shorter days and crisper mornings, but it doesn’t have to throw you off. Here’s how to make the most of this beautiful time of year.

Invest in the right gear

Cooler temperatures mean…shopping? If you’re looking to run comfortably, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got sleeves or a pullover, long tights, and perhaps a jacket to carry you throughwinter. Especially if you hope to run all winter, a good pair of gloves and something to keep your ears warm are essentials.

Layer up
Think layers, layers, layers.  Fall mornings are particularly crisp and cool, but sunshine can make the temperature—and your run—heat up quickly.  Be ready by wearing plenty of layers that you can easily take off.  Think sleeves, gloves, and other easily stuff-able gear so you’ll be able to stay cool if the temperature goes up.

Be ready for the dark

Later sunrises and earlier sunsets leave many running in the dark. Your all black outfit might be okay if the sun is high in the sky, but make sure if you’re running around dusk or dawn that you’ll be visible to traffic.  Many technical pieces have reflective pieces that take care of this for you—lululemon’s trademark logo is almost always reflective, for example.  Adding reflectivity as much as you can—think gloves, hat, clothes—will keep you highly visible, as will carrying or wearing lights if you run in a particularly dangerous area.

Try trail

Trail running groups love fall for a reason—this season is absolutely breathtaking.  If you haven’t tried a trail run, now is a beautiful time to try it.

Leave your iPod behind and listen to the crunch of the fallen leaves. If you’re not up for a trail run, stick to the road—but still take time to appreciate the scenery.

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Find a race

While many runners are intrinsically motivated to run through the colder seasons, there’s no shame in needing a little extra push to stay motivated.  Work a winter or early spring event into your race plan to give yourself an extra reason to get out there.

If all else fails, think about how you’d like to feel come spring.  Sure, you need some time off to recover, but there’s no reason to let fall stop you from running. So layer up and save the, “It’s too cold!” excuse for the bitter days of winter to set yourself up for an awesome season next year.

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About the Author: Cheryl Madliger is a group fitness instructor at the Western Student Recreation Centre at the University of Western Ontario, where she is working towards her degree in Kinesiology.  An avid cyclist, Cheryl has set her sights on completing an Ironman.  Not a fan of free time, she also enjoys yoga, baking, and blogging.

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