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Don’t be overwhelmed by your fueling options

posted by Brandon
Don’t be overwhelmed by your fueling options

With all of the gimmicks available to runners that promise performance enhancing incentives, it’s hard to know whether the promises will hold true or just empty your pockets.

Before you go and dish out $3 for gels and chews for every race or training session that you embark on, remember that these supplements will not provide the noticeable improvements that a good pair of running shoes, a balanced diet, stretching, and increased mileage will unless you plan to be running for more than two hours.

So why do runners choose to take electrolyte replacements, gels, or gummies?  The main reason comes down to maintaining glycogen stores in the body.  Glycogen is simply stored carbohydrates that provide immediate, usable energy to the body when it exerts itself during more intense activities like running. The body can only hold enough glycogen stores to sustain 2 hours of vigorous activities.  So when your run exceeds the two hour mark then we can start a conversation about fueling options.

Running is simple, so simply run.

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  1. Julie says:

    I like this one Brandon! It always makes me laugh when I see people poppin gels for a 5k… 🙂

  2. odyason says:

    What about gels for the half? Would it be advisable to pop one in the middle of that? This is keeping in mind of a time well below 2 hours.

    The only reason I ask is because I was reading Chantelle’s blog about the NYC half and she mentioned how she “forgot to take [her] gel”, even though she killed in that race! Personally, I don’t really take them in training but I know my body can handle them come marathon time. We can all use a kick in a race like that, oui? Either that or a shot of tequila… either way! 🙂

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