Desiree Davila Q&A: 3 Quick Questions with 1 Quick Lady

Desiree Davila and Boston Marathon

Runners Feed’s Chantelle Wilder caught up with Boston Marathon runner-up Desiree Davila for a brief interview. ┬áDavila shares how she kept her composure, and used the crowd support late in the race to propel her to the front pack and ultimately to a second place finish.

1. Desiree, what a performance! We know you surprised a lot of people, but did you surprise yourself?

Thank you. Going in I knew I was fit and ready to compete up front, so I wasn’t surprised by that. However, with a field that deep, and all the elements of a marathon that can throw things off, you never know how things will unfold on race day. The part that surprised me was how well things fell in place for me.

Desiree Davila and Boston Marathon
Desiree positions herself in the lead pack

2. You looked incredibly comfortable the whole race. We didn’t see you grimace until about 100 meters to go. Describe the energy on the course and how you kept your cool for so long.

The crowds in Boston are just unreal. I knew going in that there would be a lot of energy on the sides that might get some people excited too soon. I think from having gone out and watched the race year after year, I knew what to expect in different sections of the course and that I would have to be patient and composed and not allow that emotion to dictate my race. Over the last 5-6 miles, when we were really racing, was when I started to allow myself to notice the excitement and use that to help me get to the finish.

3. Where can we expect to see you next?

The game plan right now will be the 10,000 at track nationals, but we’ll see how I recover first and then make some race decisions from there.

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Author: Chantelle

Chantelle is a member of the New Balance Silicon Valley racing team and a proud lululemon athletica run ambassador. Chantelle earned herself a scholarship at The University of Hawaii where she went on to captain the Cross Country and Track & Field Teams. A few months after graduating and getting married to her biggest fan, Chantelle qualified to compete for CANADA at the 2009 World Cross Country Championships. In the spring of 2010 she placed 5th at the Canadian Half Marathon Championships in her debut race at this distance and in the spring of 2011 ran a time of 1:16 at The NYC Half Marathon. She is currently coaching at Santa Clara University in California and preparing for her marathon debut in Chicago.

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