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Dating A Distance Runner: Number 2

posted by Jordan
Dating A Distance Runner: Number 2

Although I was never into distance running before, I would commonly go through periods of time when I ran 3-5 days a week, 5km each time. During these stints of running, I became acutely aware that when you’re running and you have to go to the washroom, the feeling is much more imminent than in every day life.

Excerpt from Dating A distance Runner: Part 1 “Intro to the Sport”

I have to be honest, before I started dating a distance runner, I had no real interest in the sport and knew nothing about it.  A Fartlek to me sounded like a word someone made up to describe a combination of a couple dirty and disgusting things. And a split was a term that was vacant to me unless beside the word banana or when pluralized by my dance teacher cuing me to attempt a very painful exercise.

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Because I was normally running through the park, where there are public washrooms and running for a maximum of 30 minutes, I never found myself in any truly uncomfortable positions when it came to having to go. That being said, this is not always the case for competitive and longer distance runners, which I have foundout since dating one.

My fiancé will run upwards of 40km on any given day and find himself in the middle of nowhere with an intensified urge to go and not have a bathroom in sight. Without going into any of the disgusting details, I’d like to offer all of you a few bits of advice. When your partner comes home wearing only one of his socks, don’t ask questions. I will assure you that you don’t want to know where the other sock is, what necessary and disgusting deed it performed just a little while ago. It’s just not worth it.

In the future, buy all of the same socks for your running loved one so that if one goes missing the others will serve as match to the one that was left behind. Secondly, the same goes for winter gloves.  We were told as children to never eat yellow snow, and I might add to that, never pick up gloves or socks on the road. Thirdly, if they leave the house to go out for their run carrying toilet paper, just be happy that they did. It might be wise to invest in some of the camo toilet paper to be courteous to your community.

Dating A Distance Runner: Part 3 – “The Math” is in the works. Keep your eyes peeled.

Lastly, if you have any questions or suggestions about how to enhance your life as a significant other of a distance runner, please email me at

About the Author: Jordan Haddad is a writer for Runners Feed. She has recently revisited the running scene searching for that illusive runner’s high. When she isn’t writing or running, Jordan loves to dance, swim, and bike. She was also well-known in her neighborhood for riding a bike with a large orange flag attached to the back because she never had the patience to do anything slowly.

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    First time half marathon reunnr, but would have been mad about the v-neck style, received wrong size also, a massive large when ordered medium, Munster colours which is great but I wont be wearing the top any time soon..Good luck to all running tomorrow.

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