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Custom Wheelchairs Awarded At The Boilermaker 15K

posted by Brandon
Custom Wheelchairs Awarded At The Boilermaker 15K

The Boilermaker Road Race in Utica, New York typically draws upwards of 17,000 competitors and holds the title of the world’s most competitive 15K road race. This story however, is not about the elite men or women, but rather a one of a kind wheelchair challenge. 

The Wheelchair Challenge: If a wheelchair athlete can cross the finish line in his or her regular wheelchair in under 2 hours and 15 minutes, he or she will be awarded with a custom racing wheelchair.

These wheelchairs are not cheap. Worth upwards of $3,000 per chair, it is no secret why athletes in these custom chairs are at a significant advantage.

2011 Custom Wheelchair Winners: Anthony Griece and Cody Arnold were awarded new racing chairs, donated by Sitrin and Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Put the Boilermaker 15K on your Road Race Bucket List.

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