Craig Curley Doubles Diligently

Brandon January 7th, 2012 by

Craig Curley loves to double and do yard work. It sounds like Curley is a work horse. We expect him to turn a few heads in Houston. Curley talks about getting to know the people in his community and the support he receives from them. He also chats about his food preferences the night before the race and which shoe he will be sporting on the start line.

Runners Feed: Take us through a typical day of your life

Craig Curley: A typical day involves a whole lot of running! I have a funky schedule most days because I work part time and I pick up any extra hours when my job requires some extra help. I schedule workouts early in the morning or when my coach, Greg Wenneborg is free to hold a stopwatch for me. My running template of my day tends to be splitting my running into one run in the morning and one run in the evening. Guilty! I’m absolutely a “doubles” kind of guy. I do this mostly because I like running on different surfaces outside. Two a days enables me to cover as much ground on various trails, roads and sometimes the track, and Southern Arizona offers some amazing trails. There are days where I break out of habit and run a “singles” run. I also put in time at the gym for core strength and strength training. I use free weights or the medicine ball and concentrate on fixing any muscle imbalances. This type of cross training acts as a precautionary excercise to keep injuries at bay. Other than that I pepper in all other hobbies on my downtime, which consists of watching a rerun episode of Rifleman or Man VS Wild and doing yard work because it relaxes me. (I know the parody)

RF: Do you work full or part-time while training? If so, what do you do? If not, what has kept you afloat while you pursue your dream?

CC: I’ve been able to stay afloat while training by working part-time at Performance Footwear in Tucson. I help people get fitted for running shoes and my coworkers are very supportive of my training. I appreciate having a job where I can get to know my community. The moral support I receive is very special. In addition to working I get support from: Nideiltihi Native Elite Runners, which helps with the cost of travel to races, lodging and gym access. More significantly this organization is geared toward helping the youth on the Navajo Reservation. NNER is one way I keep in touch with the my hometown and reach out to the community with my running.

RF: When the going gets tough on the 14th what will keep you gunning for the finish line?

CC: What will keep me gunning for the finish line on the 14th is that getting to this day has been hard won and I’m doing what I love.

Rapid Fire

RF: What will you eat the night before?

CC: I’ll eat steak or pasta and possibly both.

RF: Race day shoes?

CC: Most likely I’ll be racing in the Nike Zoom Streaks 3, but all will depend on the weather.

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