Top 6 Reasons to Contribute to Runners Feed

1. Promote Your Practice/Team/Business: Over the last 9 months our site has proven to be an excellent source of gaining clientele and/or business for our contributors. At the bottom of each article there a short bio where one can plug their business, blog, or professional career.

2. Boost Your Resume: When your future employer Googles your name they will see an online portfolio full of positive articles that might give them the confidence to overlook that one questionable picture they found on your Facebook page.

3. Give Back: It wasn’t too long ago someone explained to you that a fartlek wasn’t a potty-talk term. If you’ve had the opportunity to spend time with novice runners you are aware of how little knowledge they have about running. Not only this, but they are often confused and frustrated by the publications that claim “5 min to 5K PR’s”.

4. Recruit: If you are a college coach or the founder of a running club, you know how difficult it can be to gain the trust of prospective student-athletes through phone calls or NCAA restricted visits. Allow athletes and their parents to Google your name and find several articles showcasing your running philosophy and understanding of the sport.

5. Increase Followers: If you have a blog or Twitter handle and would like to increase your followers, we will add your twitter name to the bottom of all your articles and suggest that readers follow you.

6. Receive Credit: If you are a college student (undergraduate or graduate) we are willing to work with University advisors/profs to see that you receive college credit for your contributions. We do more than write; so if you need credit hours in photography, video editing or reporting, let us know!


What To Write About

Articles range in length, depth, content, and purpose. We have an open-door policy and encourage new ideas. Visit the site for examples of content!

“How-To” Articles/Videos: Important topics that are informational but not time-sensitive. Our videos are spectacular thanks to our amazing tech staff that always needs an extra set of hands for editing!

Current Events: Groundbreaking running news, race previews and reviews, product/book reviews, and major announcements. These don’t take long and often link to a major newspaper or publication with a full story! You can also use RF as a platform to promote a running event you are organizing!

Reviews: Share your thoughts on the latest running apparel, shoes, books, events and technology. If you are a sponsored athlete or are employed by a running brand this could be an excellent way to promote your sponsor or company. Your boss or sponsor might even compensate you!

Interviews: RF Live on site, Skype, or pen/paper style interviews are conducted regularly with elite athletes, race directors and founders of unique running projects.

Hometown Hero: Each month we will be featuring a local running celebrity that has a unique or inspiring story—the first one will be about a New England runner who runs despite having HIV and being a hemophiliac!


How Often Would I Need to Contribute?

You can contribute as much or as little as you like. To be considered a regular contributor which includes having your picture and bio on our about page, we ask that you write at least once per month. Guest contributors should try to submit something about five times per year.

To discuss how you can contribute please call, email, Skype, or Tweet our Senior Editor, Chantelle Wilder.

Phone: 808-372-8750 (USA #) Canadians, contact co-founder Brandon Laan, 518-868-1117
Skype: chantellewilder
Twitter: @Chanty_Marie

In order to uphold the integrity of the site we are selective with our contributors. That being said, if you feel you know someone who has comparable knowledge to yourself and could benefit from contributing please feel free to forward this along.

Thank you & Happy Holidays!

Chantelle Wilder
–RF Senior Editor


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