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Contribute to Danny Kassap’s Memorial Fund

posted by Chantelle
Contribute to Danny Kassap’s Memorial Fund


Elite Canadian marathoner, Danny Kassap, 28, of Toronto, ON, passed away suddenly on Monday morning of unknown causes.  Following his participation in the Francophone games held in Ottawa in 2001, Kassap managed to immigrate to Canada from the Democratic Republic of Congo.  After several setbacks Kassap eventually acquired Canadian citizenship.kassap up close

The Canadian running community, notably the University of Toronto Track Club, has rallied to support Kassap from the time he set foot in Canada; including Kassap’s near death experience in 2008 at the Berlin Marathon when he collapsed and accumulated medical bills totaling over $18,000.

As of May, 3rd, over $4,000 has been raised to ensure Danny receives appropriate burial and funeral services.  An estimated $20,000 will be required for his services.  Please consider contributing to this fund, or initiating a fundraiser in your local running community.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and family of Danny, and the members of the University of Toronto Track Club.

Read more about Kassap’s unique story and how you can contribute to the DANNY KASSAP MEMORIAL FUND.

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  1. Jameel Johnson says:

    I hope we can get enough donations for this funeral in Toronto. Hopefully everyone will come out to show their respect to such a great man.

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