Light as Air Short

Ok y’all, I believe lululemon athletica has figured it out. The Light as Air Short is borderline flawless. I took them for a spin yesterday afternoon and compared to the Run Response Short and the Endorphin Short, there is no comparison.  Continue reading “Light as Air Short”

Run: Speed Short

If you’re comfortable showing a little leg, are less concerned with modesty and more concerned with speed and comfort than I would suggest picking up a pair of these.  They are my preferred go to short for treadmill and summer running.  Continue reading “Run: Speed Short”

My Feel Goods (lululemon Lined Studio Pant)

While I love my yoga pants, there are days in a girl’s life when we don’t exactly want our pant fabric grabbing at every curve in our body. On “those days” slip on your Studio Pants to boost your spirits.  The thick drawstring waistband allows you to adjust based on your mood, and nifty drawstrings on the bottom of each pant leg allow you to adjust based on height or shoe choice.

If you have a career that requires you to be professional yet functional (ie. coaching, P.E. teacher etc.) these are a MUST.  Finally, I highly recommend these when stepping out into the cold after a good Bikram session!

Feedback: Honestly these pants are so great; I can’t even come up with constructive feedback.  No joke, run and get some quick! Okay fine…color choices are limited: coal, wren (brown), black.  A deep purple or forest green could be cool.

Price: $ 108:00


Brisk Run Glove (brrr…)

These gloves are lightweight, feminine, and the reflective strip will allow the gentlemen to notice you even in the dark!  I absolutely love the thumb slits that allow for easy texting. Continue reading “Brisk Run Glove (brrr…)”