Catha Mullen Is Living The Dream

Catha Mullen has put her heart and soul into preparing for the U.S. Marathon Olympic Trials. She took a leave from being a full-time MBA student at Stanford, naps when needed, and performs her injury prevention routine religiously. Read more to find out what a typical day looks like for Mullen, how she got healthy (and plans to stay healthy), as well as who will be in Houston screaming her name.  Continue reading “Catha Mullen Is Living The Dream”

Matt Fecht Achieved His Goal

Matt Fecht is a busy guy with some big goals. Fecht talks the people in his life that supported his dream, how he balances three part-time jobs, and what will motivate him to finish strong on January 14th. Read more to find out what Fecht will be eating the night before and what shoes he will be sporting for 26.2 miles. Continue reading “Matt Fecht Achieved His Goal”

Running Rejuvenates Rachel Niehuus

Rachel Niehuus is a member of the Impala Racing Team in San Francisco, a grad student, and Olympic Trials qualifier. Niehuus shares what life is like for a vegetarian runner, how she got into running, and what has kept her running despite numerous setbacks.  Continue reading “Running Rejuvenates Rachel Niehuus”

Ashley Carroll Doesn’t Do Anything Half-Way

Ashley Carroll knows what it’s like to have both a demanding career and training schedule. Although, she admits to having developed a significant dependancy on caffeine in order to make up for the insufficient amount of sleep that she gets, Carroll insists that she wouldn’t have it any other way.  Carroll says that running makes her a better employee and that working full-time also helps her appreciate running more.   Read more to see the elaborate creativity that Carroll puts into bottle-decorating in order to make them visible to her during the race.   Continue reading “Ashley Carroll Doesn’t Do Anything Half-Way”

For Christa Iammarino The Sacrifices Are Worth It In The End

Christa Iammarino works 40-45 hours/week on her feet as a nurse, usually broken up into 10-12 hours shifts.  This can make it difficult for Iammarino to fit in her quality training, but she does it.  Iammarino hasn’t been sick in three years and attributes it to taking care of her body, sleeping over 8 hours a night, and eating healthy.  Iammarino qualified for the 2012 olympic trials after running only three marathon races. Read more to see how she does it! Continue reading “For Christa Iammarino The Sacrifices Are Worth It In The End”

For Christina Overbeck Running Is A Fun And Social Outlet

Christina Overbeck appreciates the sport of running as well as the fun and social aspect that it brings to her life.  Running gives Overbeck a break from her time at school and her internship at the hospital. She feels that she is able to appreciate running as an outlet more when it’s among the other commitments in her life.  Read more to see Overbeck’s very unique and creative bottle decorating strategy! Continue reading “For Christina Overbeck Running Is A Fun And Social Outlet”

Michael Chavez Loves To Compete

Micahel Chavez might be the happiest man on earth. He has two great jobs, a supportive wife, and a dog. Chavez also likes to compete, be outdoors, and exercise. These are great attributes for an elite level distance runner. Read more to find out how Chavez spends his days and nights, how he was introduced to running, and what he will eat the morning of the big race. Continue reading “Michael Chavez Loves To Compete”

Zach Hine Thanks His Mom For Dragging Him Out The Door For Runs

Zach Hine started his running career by being dragged out of the house to go for runs with his mother and he thanks her for it now.  Once Hine realized that this was something that he could be really good at in high school, he decided to put more effort into the sport and continues to do so.  His hard work has paid off immensely for him. Continue reading “Zach Hine Thanks His Mom For Dragging Him Out The Door For Runs”

Alissa McKaig Gives Thanks Where It’s Due

Alissa McKaig has a great team, family, and support system that enables her to train full-time. McKaig talks about what a day in the life of a Zap Fitness athlete looks like, how grateful she is for their support, and who she will be thinking of when the going gets tough in Houston. Continue reading “Alissa McKaig Gives Thanks Where It’s Due”

Caroline White Is Prepared For Anything

Caroline White has mental discipline and needs it in order to keep all of the balls in her life up in the air.  Or should I say planes.  Working full-time for the air-force requires White to be fully present for 10-12 hours of simulations and training during the day, so often times she both physically and mentally has to leave her running shoes behind.  White’s metal discipline also allows her to switch her focus and determination to running when she hits the road before the crack of dawn, when she trains full time at altitude, and when she takes to the starting line of a race.  White says that she races for the love of the sport and to answer one question only, “What am I, Caroline White, capable of?”    Continue reading “Caroline White Is Prepared For Anything”