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British Sprinter Put Himself Up For Auction On ebay

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British Sprinter Put Himself Up For Auction On ebay

James Ellington, a 26-year old sprinter from Great Britain was a well-known name in the junior ranks before being plagued by injuries. Unfortunately in track and field, when one is injured it is difficult to obtain sponsorship dollars. Furthermore, being an Olympic caliber athlete can be more costly when injuries arise. Despite the injuries, Ellington kept the dream alive. Because Ellington recently enjoyed his best season ever, he is confident in his ability to have a big impact at the 2012 Olympic Games, which are set to take place in his backyard. Ellington tried sending letters and emails to potential sponsors without any luck. Thus, he had to get creative.

James Ellington put himself up for auction on ebay. Ellington told Sky Sports, “If I don’t get it (sponsored) I’ll just trudge on, obviously it’ll be a struggle but I’ve got to keep going, with 2012 next year I’ve got no option to quit, I’ve got to keep it going all the way.” This is the kind of attitude we applaud at Runners Feed. Ellington has been able to put himself at the top of the ranks while working part-time, thus no one really knows what this man is capable of…not even Ellington. He is not asking for a 6-figure deal or a handout. You can have a piece of Ellington for a mere £30,000.

To listen to the Sky Sports News Radio interview, click here.

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