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Bicep Curl with Band

posted by Chan
Bicep Curl with Band

This exercise is not new but should be a part of your strength routine. The beauty of using the exercise band is that you can workout anywhere.

Preparation: The exercise band should be attached to a pole, door knob, or tree. Start with your knees slightly bent, arms extended in front of you, and shoulders away from your ears. You can also step on the exercise band as shown in the picture. Move your feet further apart to make the exercise more difficult.

Execution: To perform this exercise properly, keep your elbows locked at your sides. Pull the handles to your shoulders, palms facing up throughout the entire range of motion.

Notes: Take your time with this exercise. Release the band slowly to prevent using momentum. Your back should also remain in the neutral position throughout the exercise. Perform 10-15 repetitions.

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