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Bay to Breakers Race Celebrates its 100th Anniversary with New Title Sponsor ZAZZLE

posted by Chantelle
Bay to Breakers Race Celebrates its 100th Anniversary with New Title Sponsor ZAZZLE

The ever-popular discussion floating through Bay Area running communities in early 2011, was not what costume runners were planning on wearing to the upcoming Bay to Breakers race, but rather if America’s oldest and arguably wildest display of running would snag a title sponsor in time to ensure the race could take to streets of San Francisco in 2011 and beyond.bay to breakers 2011

The 12-kilometer race that runs through 17 San Francisco neighborhoods, and has attracted over 1.7 millions runners in the past 99 years, is notorious for it’s party-like atmosphere; featuring countless displays of public drunkenness, nudity, and not to mention the incredibly harmless and hilarious costumed runners. Due to the mockery that accompanies this event, race organizers scrambled to find a title sponsor that was brave enough to take on the liability associated with hosting an event with such a boisterous reputation.


According to CBS San, on March 18th, Zazzle—a custom t-shirt design company from Redwood City agreed to sponsor the event for the next two years.  Runners and race organizers alike were gorilla at Bay to Breakers

In order to ensure the safety and well being of all those participating and spectating, race officials and the police are tightening the reigns and cracking down on ‘hooliganism’.  According to the Bay to Breakers race website, there will be a zero-tolerance policy for alcohol, and floats will not be allowed on this year’s course.  Police and private security will be in full force, enforcing alcohol laws and removing floats.  Those who choose not to cooperate “will be subject to fines and prosecution.”  Race organizers have been clear that these provisions are not up for discussion; something politically active and ruthlessly determined San Franciscans do not like to hear.

50,000 registered participants and likely tens of thousands of additional ‘bandit’ runners will commence the race Sunday morning like always, throwing up thousands of corn tortillas.

star wars at bay to breakers

Learn more about the 100th Anniversary of the Zazzle Bay to Breakers 12-kilometer footrace.

Runners Feed’s Chantelle Wilder will be live at the event.

NOTE:  Legendary races like Bay to Breakers set the standard for new races like Runners Feed’s inaugural 10k race on August 21, 2011.  Space is limited to 2,000 runners, REGISTER NOW.

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