Do You Hate the Treadmill?

I love running and have run on a wide variety of surfaces in my running career, from sand to cinder, grass to cement, and gravel to wooden planks (Compare Training Surfaces). However, I have a confession to make about one running surface in particular. As the title of this article might tip you off, I’m referring to treadmills. To put it kindly, I loathe treadmills. Continue reading “Do You Hate the Treadmill?”

5 Tips on What to Eat Before, After and During Race Day

It’s race morning and its past the time you swore to yourself that you were going to leave at. The clock seems to be ticking faster than usual, double-time really, and each time you approach the door to head out, you remember something you’ve forgotten. Continue reading “5 Tips on What to Eat Before, After and During Race Day”

5 Solutions to Pre-Race Jitters

Have you ever been told, “It’s okay to be nervous sometimes.” Since I was a kid, I’ve heard this expression at nauseum. Why do we have to be nervous? Isn’t there a way to make the nervousness stop? What is the point of this useless emotion? How do I get rid of instead of it just being okay? Continue reading “5 Solutions to Pre-Race Jitters”

Picking the Right Songs for Your Running Pace

Have you ever just people watched when you’re out running? If you immediately say no, you are most definitely lying, if you hesitate and say no, I won’t dignify you with a response (who are you kidding), and if you say yes – thanks for honestly embracing the slight awkwardness of the question. There are plenty of technicalities runners observe about each other, whether it is stride, aerodynamic movement, or sounds. Continue reading “Picking the Right Songs for Your Running Pace”

Comparing Training Surfaces: The Park, Road and Track

I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who could say they had one favorite place to train. Thinking about this it made me consider why exactly that is. That then made me contemplate what kind of benefits come from each kind of training surface? An all around surface kind of person myself, I’ve experienced the highs and lows of all varieties of training surfaces. Now for a few respective pros and cons for each. Continue reading “Comparing Training Surfaces: The Park, Road and Track”

Leave the Headphones at Home

In this world of technology we live in, it isn’t too often that we desire to unplug ourselves from the stressfulness of everyday life, and when we do so it feels eerily unnatural. Unplugging from our cellphone or mp3 player leaves us with the strangely stressful feeling of missing something urgent, like a life-changing message; when in reality it is most often a Facebook comment we’ve lost brain cells reading. Continue reading “Leave the Headphones at Home”

The Runner’s Grieving Process: Accepting Cross Training When Injured

My doctor looked at me strictly,“You have to take some time off from running.” Those words stabbed me like a knife to the heart. Overcome with emotion I sat, head down, watching my feet dangle off the medical table. Continue reading “The Runner’s Grieving Process: Accepting Cross Training When Injured”