Week 4 Playlist – 2012

I had the privilege last week of seeing Lee Brice in concert. He is an up and coming country star who puts on quite a show. His biggest single yet is what kicks off our play-list this time around. After that is the Glee Cast’s rendition of Usher and David Guetta’s Without you. How good was that episode by the way? (sorry to all you non-gleekers, or glee haters, its the music I just can’t help myself!).
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Week 44 Playlist – 2011

Mmmm… this one is the real deal. I was blessed enough to attend two concerts for free this week, one of which was a short and intimate appearance by The Fray after their performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. In this brief set they opened with their new single Heartbeat, which is soon to be another Fray classic. Continue reading “Week 44 Playlist – 2011”

Week 41 Playlist – 2011

Bruno Mars’ single has been on repeat for the past few days, simply can’t get enough of this track, so I figured we’d open up with it. Following is J. Cole, undoubtedly the next big thing in hip hop collaborating with, in my opinion, the best current artist in hip hop in Drake. Next is NEEDTOBREATHE who is quickly becoming my new favorite band and then the American Idol champion Scotty McCreery with “Out of Summertime”. Continue reading “Week 41 Playlist – 2011”

Week 39 Playlist – 2011

Starting us off in the last playlist for September is the New Radicals, a band of the 90’s, with one of their hits, Someday We’ll Know. Next up is a fresh release from the country powerhouse Lady Antebellum. Then comes one of my personal favorite people in the world in Will Smith with a comedic jam on how to dance. Following Will the thrill is Ben Rector an up and coming artist worth giving a listen. LMFAO then shows up on our scene for the first time with a funny track in Hot Dog, definitely deserves a listen if you’ve ever bought a hot dog at 3am coming home from the bars. Another newbie to our playlist is NEEDTOBREATHE a band I just heard of for the first time and am very excited to take a closer look. Finishing up our work out portion of the playlist is two extremely talented singer songwriters in Dave Barnes and Andy Grammer. Next is Never Shout Never, an interesting artist whose new album is quite different from his old stuff, and Trouble is an example of his old stuff. And finishing the playlist is the legendary group Pearl Jam with a perfect example of why so many have fallen in love with Eddie Vedder’s gritty voice in Just Breathe.

Warm Up

1. New Radicals – Someday We’ll Know
2. Lady Antebellum – We Owned the Night

Work Out

3. Will Smith – If You Can’t Dance, Slide
4. Ben Rector – Let the Good Times Roll
5. LMFAO – Hot Dog
6. NEEDTOBREATHE – The Reckoning
7. Andy Grammer – Lunatic
8. Dave Barnes – A Lot Like Me

Cool Down

9. Never Shout Never – Trouble
10. Pearl Jam – Just Breathe