Why Are You Running?

This piece originally started off as a rant. A rant about the things that non-runners say and the frustration that stems from these statements. My favourite non-runner quote is “I don’t know how anybody could possibly enjoy running”. Or in the winter time, when driving along and a runner is spotted getting her run in, “that girl must be crazy”. Continue reading “Why Are You Running?”

The Runners Bond

Social media is everywhere! I am slowly coming to terms with this. Today I even bit the bullet and signed up for twitter (@jen_perrault). As I creep facebook and sign up for twitter, I can’t help but notice that an overwhelming amount of my friends are runners. My home page on facebook is usually being blown up by posts about running, lifting or nutrition. Continue reading “The Runners Bond”

Enjoy the Journey to Running Fast

I was recently competing at the Canadian Track and Field Olympic Trials in Calgary and had the opportunity to visit Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame. Many of Canada’s great runners are honored in the Hall of Fame including the great marathoner Edouard Fabre and the fastest man in the world in ’96, Donovan Bailey. Continue reading “Enjoy the Journey to Running Fast”

Don’t Be a RaceZilla

We have all heard of Bridezillas. They are the over-demanding, everything must be perfect, this is MY day type of Bride who is impossible to deal with. I want to talk about another challenging creature: the Racezilla. Similarly, a Racezilla is over-demanding with an “everything must be perfect on MY race day” attitude. Continue reading “Don’t Be a RaceZilla”

Thriving Through Injuries

Due to the repetitive nature of running, injuries seem to be inevitable. As I was completing the last ten meters or so of my run on Saturday, I rolled my ankle. I was immediately flooded with frustration and it was a downward spiral from there. Continue reading “Thriving Through Injuries”

Going with the Flow

The phenomenon coined as “flow” has made its way into mainstream running. Flow is what occurs when you’re having the workout of your life. You’re so focused on what you’re doing that when you think back, you cannot remember one thing that went through your head. Flow can also be achieved when you find yourself pulling into your parking spot at work, but have no memory of driving there. Continue reading “Going with the Flow”