Have the Financial Freedom to Enjoy Running in Your Later Years

Last January I had the pleasure of spending a weekend in Houston, Texas with a group of friends which included Dave Nevitt, a familiar name within the Maritime running community. We were both running the Chevron Houston Marathon, and while I would be enjoying my recovery the following month, Dave (53) would go on to run four marathons in four successive weekends throughout Texas and Florida.

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The Why and How of Maintaining your Fitness in the Off-Season

At this point in the year many runners have recently completed their goal fall race and are enjoying certain lifestyle changes that come with not having a big event that is fast approaching – perhaps a few more sleep-ins, social outings, Continue reading “The Why and How of Maintaining your Fitness in the Off-Season”

Should I Race or Not?

What to do when faced with the difficult decision of whether to race or not?

After a long, hot summer the fall racing season is finally here and many runners are no doubt wavering as to whether they should even show up to the start line of their goal race. Even though the date has been circled on the calendar for months, there could be any number of reasons they are seriously considering pulling the plug on their race plans: Continue reading “Should I Race or Not?”

A limiting factor to training: Partners who don’t support your goal to get faster

You’ve recovered from your spring goal race and are highly motivated to begin another season of training towards the next big event this fall.  You’re fit, healthy, and know you can dedicate the time necessary to train a little bit harder, but there’s one big obstacle in your way… Continue reading “A limiting factor to training: Partners who don’t support your goal to get faster”

Overcome Injury Faster By Being An A+ Patient

Brandon Laan’s recent post 7 ways to improve while injured was of timely relevance to me as I had recently sustained a low-grade Achilles tear and, like many runners who’ve been in a similar situation, could not help but be concerned with how I might return to running as quickly as possible without letting myself become “unfit”.  I heeded Laan’s advice and decided that the time I typically dedicate to running each day would have to be prioritized first to rehabbing, and whatever time remained would be put towards maintaining my cardio on the bike, elliptical, or pool.  Continue reading “Overcome Injury Faster By Being An A+ Patient”

Advice for Teenage Runners

As the high school championship season is winding to a close for another year, many student athletes are no doubt feeling a sense of disappointment for any number of reasons: they didn’t advance past their regional meet; they didn’t run the times they thought they were capable of; Continue reading “Advice for Teenage Runners”

Plan Ahead to Avoid Uncertainty on Race Day

After months of diligent training and hard work, the goal race of many runners is quickly approaching and there will soon be a finishing time next to peoples’ names that represents the summation of all their efforts leading up to race day. Once race morning finally arrives however, it can be quite stressful and overwhelming, and pre-race jitters can be compounded particularly if it’s a large event and a relatively new experience for someone. Continue reading “Plan Ahead to Avoid Uncertainty on Race Day”

Common traps that can derail a successful training season

During the past year that I’ve been involved in working with members of the running community, it’s been very gratifying watching people work hard and have their efforts rewarded with race results that they are proud of.  There have been a few people, however, that had the best of intentions but unfortunately didn’t see the end result that they were originally hoping for.  This article highlights some of the common traps that I observed people fall into and significantly contributed to their season ending prematurely due to injury. Continue reading “Common traps that can derail a successful training season”

How To Run More: Part II: Practical Application

In a recently published Runners Feed article, Chantelle Wilder discusses several ways to integrate more mileage into your running regimen.  I, too, am an advocate of gradually increasing the volume of running performed in each training cycle, as I have witnessed and experienced first-hand the direct correlation between increased mileage and improved race times.  Continue reading “How To Run More: Part II: Practical Application”

Tips for a fit and fun spring vacation

For those of us who live in a northern climate, it’s finally the point in the season that many runners have been looking forward to for the past few months; the last big snowfall is hopefully behind us and we can actually get some miles in during the week while the sun is up!  For some people, a March break trip down south has been planned for some time and how great will it be to not have to pack your tights, nylon shell, toque and gloves?  Continue reading “Tips for a fit and fun spring vacation”