Runner’s High: A Scientific Perspective

Have you ever returned from a run sporting a smile from ear-to-ear and beaming with joy, only to find your roommate or spouse hunched over their desk asking “what the heck are you so happy about?”  You suddenly realize that not everyone is experiencing your runner’s high and feel embarrassed and almost guilty for your over-joyous presence. If you are a veteran in this sport you’ve surely heard numerous accounts of individual’s experiences with the runner’s high, and while this article might be more enticing and enjoyable to read if it contains these anecdotes, my goal is to share with you the ‘magic’ behind this miraculously scientific process. After days of diligent research this is what I have discovered.

When discussing the experience of a “Runner’s High” the term “endorphins” is almost always present.  While endorphins are a key component of the “high” we experience, it is less widely known how endorphins create this high. Continue reading “Runner’s High: A Scientific Perspective”

Runners Need Strong Glutes

How much attention do you give your butt?  While this question is rarely discussed in our running circles, it is a question that deserves much attention.  Runners of all calibers search long and hard for ways to prevent injury and become more efficient athletes; not recognizing that dedicating five minutes to their behinds on a daily basis could save them hundreds of dollars in treatment costs and spare them the substantial physical and mental pain associated with injuries. Continue reading “Runners Need Strong Glutes”