The Green Monster Smoothie

If “green monster” stirs up images of the boogeyman, you’re missing out. Green monsters—smoothies with a shot of nutrition in the form of leafy greens¬—are a great addition to anyone’s diet. With a whole blogger movement dedicated to the healthy drinks, these smoothies are particularly suited for runners and athletes, who often use smoothies as a quick recovery meal or as a way to get the extra energy they need to fuel their training. Continue reading “The Green Monster Smoothie”

10 Benefits of Going Meatless

While you don’t have to swear off meat forever, making a few of your meals vegetarian is a smart idea, especially for runners and athletes whose focus should be on maximizing nutrition. Whether you want to go vegetarian or just want to cut down, here are some bonuses of choosing more meat-free meals. Continue reading “10 Benefits of Going Meatless”

Keep Your Running Conversations Positive

Running offers a unique opportunity for conversation. It’s rare for us to find another chance to spend an hour, uninterrupted by text messages, emails, or family members where we can really get into a conversation with someone. Continue reading “Keep Your Running Conversations Positive”

6 Reasons Why You Should Register Early

The early bird gets the worm…or a whole bunch of benefits when it comes to signing up in advance for your next race. Even though winter has barely begun, signing up now for next year’s races is smart. Below are some of the benefits to signing up as early as you can. Continue reading “6 Reasons Why You Should Register Early”

Find Time To Run During the Holidays

While you may feel like the only running you’ll have time to do over the holidays is from store to store or maybe away from your crazy in-laws, it’s worth it to find time to stick to a regular running schedule. Whether you’ve got spring races on the horizon or are just running to keep fit, the busy-ness of the holidays is no good reason to abandon your training. Continue reading “Find Time To Run During the Holidays”

6 Tips for Rookies Running In Central Park

Heading to New York City for the first time can be a little overwhelming. Do I shop first or go to the Statue of Liberty? Should I pay to go to the top of the Empire State Building or save my money to see a Broadway show? Do I go to the Today Show or Good Morning America, and most importantly how can I get on TV? Continue reading “6 Tips for Rookies Running In Central Park”

Top 10 Gift Ideas For Runners

The people we run with become a kind of family—and everyone knows that come December, family deserve gifts! Whether you’re looking to spend a lot on a special runner on your list or just want to give a little something to a running buddy, check out this list of our Top 10 Gift Ideas for Runners. Continue reading “Top 10 Gift Ideas For Runners”

Embrace Fall Running

Pumpkin pie, Halloween candy, turkey and stuffing…if these alone aren’t enough to get you out the door running, there are plenty of other reasons to embrace fall running. The change of season means shorter days and crisper mornings, but it doesn’t have to throw you off. Here’s how to make the most of this beautiful time of year. Continue reading “Embrace Fall Running”

Pumpkin Bowl Creation

This simple recipe is an easy way to incorporate more veggies into your diet (starting with breakfast).  Choosing pumpkin—canned or fresh—is a great way to feel like you’re enjoying a seasonal treat without derailing your diet a la pumpkin pie.  Providing the carbohydrates to fuel your run, pumpkin also contains fibre and the vitamins and antioxidants you need to recover from all those required long runs in your fall marathon build up.  Add in yogurt to pump up the protein and calcium, and add cereal and raisins to increase the carbohydrate content.  There you have it…a perfect breakfast or post-run snack!

Prep Time: 2 minutes


Yogurt, plain or vanilla ¾ cup 175 g

Pumpkin, pure canned ½ cup 122 g

Pumpkin pie spice, or cinnamon 1 Tsp    2 g

Cereal, preferably whole grain 1-2 servings

Raisins ¼ cup   60 mL Continue reading “Pumpkin Bowl Creation”