Rock the Road to Launch 4 New Events in 2013

The Michelob Ultra Rock the Road Run, taking place this year on August 19th, is announcing 4 new events for 2013. They’ve had an overwhelming response from their participants and the demand for a Rock the Road series is clear. Continue reading “Rock the Road to Launch 4 New Events in 2013”

Top 10 Reasons To Run The Michelob Ultra Rock The Road 10K

The Rock the Road 10K team along with new title sponsor, Michelob Ultra, are bringing southwestern Ontario the Biggest Party Race of the summer. Sibling race directors, Brandon Laan and Chantelle Wilder were overwhelmed by the positive feedback they received from the inaugural event and can’t wait to unleash what’s in store for the August 19th race. Continue reading “Top 10 Reasons To Run The Michelob Ultra Rock The Road 10K”

Week 51 Playlist – 2011 [Christmas Playlist]

At the request of my brother and his family I put together a Christmas Mega Mix. This mix is full of timeless classics and unknown gems. Hope you enjoy!

Christmas Playlist! Continue reading “Week 51 Playlist – 2011 [Christmas Playlist]”

Moksha Yoga London [VIDEO]

We spent the morning with Rob Thomaes who is the co-owner of Moksha Yoga London and regular contributor for Rob gives us some insight into the endless reasons runners should be doing yoga. The reasons range from decreased recovery time and few injuries to increased strength, balance, and flexibility.  Continue reading “Moksha Yoga London [VIDEO]”

Back Row with Band

This exercise is phenomenal for runners. Obviously this exercise is very similar to the Back Row with weights, but you can perform this exercise anywhere you can bring the exercise band.  It is critical to your running posture to remain upright, with shoulders back and down. When your shoulders are back, your chest is open, allowing you to breath better.  Continue reading “Back Row with Band”