Adjusting to Running Outdoors Again

While in some parts of the country, some may disagree, it is officially spring and spring is in the air! You can feel it, smell it, hear it and it’s time get your run on outdoors after a winter of hibernating indoors. Continue reading “Adjusting to Running Outdoors Again”

Yoga Poses for Common Running Injuries

At some point in their running “career”, runners get injured. Some listen to their bodies, take the time they need and aim to heal as quickly as possible. Others (read, most!), run through pain and do damage control icing with pea bags and scheduling intimate dates with the foam roller. Continue reading “Yoga Poses for Common Running Injuries”

Set Goals, Embrace the New Year

Runners are not new to the concept of goal-setting. From recreational runners who have completed their first training plan towards a 5km to endurance athletes who have run countless marathons, it all started with a goal; will-power and dedication to see the plan through to completion; and a healthy dosage of courage and determination to complete what you started.

Continue reading “Set Goals, Embrace the New Year”

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Runners in 2012

Not sure what to get the runner in your life that has all manner of goodies, equipment and gear imaginable when it comes to running? Tired of always getting them shoes, Continue reading “Top 10 Gift Ideas for Runners in 2012”

Why Runners Should Try Yoga

As both a long-distance runner and a yoga teacher/student, I understand the benefits that can be gained from both pounding the pavement and being on your mat and the affinities between the two disciplines seem never-ending to me even though there are a multitude of differences between a yogi and a marathoner. Continue reading “Why Runners Should Try Yoga”

Online Yoga Classes for Busy Athletes

Find out how you can practice yoga at your own pace, in your own space, and with no one on your case.

Many people enjoy practicing in a yoga studio for the variety of classes and teachers, for the hands-on adjustments that lead to a deeper, safer practice, and for sense of community created by the staff and students. Continue reading “Online Yoga Classes for Busy Athletes”

Runners and Yogaphobia

I’ve heard every excuse in the book. When I talk about yoga to runners who haven’t tried yoga (or have and had bad experiences), I am not surprised to find out that they are nervous about trying it out and would rather put themselves through other agonizing torture than try a class. And I get it! It can be scary diving into anything that’s unknown and new – especially if you’re an athlete who excels in a sport or field and are now outside your comfort zone, practicing alongside what appears to be a room of people who can put their leg behind their head. Continue reading “Runners and Yogaphobia”

lululemon SeaWheeze Half Marathon Review

When the inaugural lululemon SeaWheeze 1/2 marathon was announced earlier this year, I wasn’t sure if I should sign up or not. It is difficult when a new race hits the scene to know if they’ll be able to pull off the pre-race and race-day logistics on their first go at it seeing that you even see large races with experienced organizers experience logistical challenges. Continue reading “lululemon SeaWheeze Half Marathon Review”