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5 Recovery Tips to Run Faster

posted by Brandon
5 Recovery Tips to Run Faster

What is the secret to staying healthy, enjoying EACH & EVERY run, and ultimately running faster?  One might jump to the conclusion that it is the latest shoe fad, the best-designed workout plan, or a world-renowned coach.  I would beg to differ.

World-class runners often differ from great age-group athletes in that they do not work 9-5, Monday through Friday.  More often than not, following the morning session, it is their sole goal to recover from the morning session while preparing for the afternoon session.

The age-grouper may hop in the shower; grab a banana and a coffee to go, only to return home just a little more tired than they were when they left the house.  On the flip side, the world-class runner will stretch; partake in a core session before hopping in an ice-bath while downing a protein supplement before they slither back into bed for their mid-morning nap.

What I am trying to stress is the importance of recovery in the overall process of adhering to a sound plan. You can wear the best shoes, and have the greatest plan designed by the world’s best coach, but unless you are recovered from the last session, you will ultimately burnout and never reach your true potential.

I often find myself explaining to people that one particular workout will not get you to your goal; rather, it is the succession of uninterrupted training days that will propel you to the top. The following are simple things you can keep track of in your training log.  Start by leaving an extra few minutes a day to stretch after easier runs and ice bathing after more quality sessions.  Invest in a good post-workout bar or powder and write down right beside how many miles you logged for the day exactly how many hours you slept that night.

Top 5 Recovery Tips (in no particular order)

1)   Ice Bath
2)   Post –Workout Protein (Post-Workout Omlette)
3)   Stretch Daily (Foam Roll)
4)   Strengthen Core Daily (V-Ups)
5)   SLEEP

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      I make my own bath salts and I have a friend who makes all my soaps and lontois this way we really know what is in them all. If you by in stores please, really read the labels carefully.

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