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5 Reasons to Run While Traveling in the UK

posted by Sarah
5 Reasons to Run While Traveling in the UK

If you are planning to head across the pond for a vacation or if you are lucky enough to be going to the Olympics this year, you should also be making plans on where you are going to be running. This is an amazing country to explore on your feet, so get out there! Here are the top reasons why you should not forgo your running regime just because you are out of your normal routine.#1  Running is a cheap and easy mode of transportation. Taxi cabs in London are wildly overpriced. The buses and trains are much cheaper but they can also be quite packed and confusing. There are also many streets in central London that are pedestrian only streets, so save yourself some grief and just run to where you need to go!

#2  Running will allow you to see a lot more of the sights off the beaten track that you probably would not see with a tour guide. You will be able to get away from all of the touristy attractions and see how the city really operates. You might also get a chance to see a lot of hidden venues like a small farmers market, a free range chicken farm, or a castle ruin!

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#3  It will help you to burn off all the chips and meat pies that are served with every meal, not to mention the ales and cider! There are also candy stores on every corner so be prepared.

#4  If you make your way out into the countryside of the UK, the moors provide excellent interval training and hills. Who can say no to 25% inclines stretched out over a half mile?!

#5  Find a trail. London has some amazing trails that take you right past the Olympic Park. There are also lots of parks and gardens you can run through that provide excellent views of Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and the Horse Guard!

Just a few precautions before you head out. Consult a map, as it is easy to get turned around in the city.
Be very cautious if you are running on the side walks because they are usually packed with other tourists. If you are running on the roads outside the city; remember they were not built wide enough for cars let alone cars and runners. Always keep your head up!
Also be mindful that the cars will be coming from the opposite direction!

Be safe and don’t forget your umbrella!

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About the Author: Sarah McIntosh is a Personal Trainer at Elite Personal Training Studio in London, ON and a proud Kinesiology graduate of the University of Western Ontario. She has taken her love of running to a new level and is now training to compete in triathlons. She also enjoys rock climbing, camping and baking, not all at the same time.

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