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5 Reasons to Run in Costume Today

posted by Chantelle
5 Reasons to Run in Costume Today

Loosen up, it’s Halloween. Here are 5 reasons why every runner should be in costume today!

1. Inspire Your Community

When people see you running in costume, they will see running in a new light. What used to look like a scary endeavor now looks like a fun passtime by which to express oneself.

2. Make Minutes Fly By

Time flys when you’re having fun. Soak up the waves, honks and high fives!

3. Run Faster!

It’s a known phenomenon that we tend to speed up when the attention is on us. We suggest a cape, large wig, or props to draw maximum attention and speed!

4. Feel Like A Child

Many adults haven’t dressed up in costume in years, embrace the child in you, throw on a ridiculous outfit, and get out the door!

5. It’s Halloween….DUH? 


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